Radboud university medical center (Radboudumc)

Institute for Genetic and Metabolic Disease 

Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Lead scientists:

Martin Gotthardt
Jolanda de Vries


The Radboud university medical center is a leading academic centre with expertise in medical science and healthcare. The imaging groups have a world-wide recognised expertise in tracer development, radiochemistry, and in vivo imaging of beta cells, immune cells, and tumours using innovative tracers/ contrast agents reflected in top-level international journals (Nat Biotech, Diabetes, J Clin Oncol etc.). They have a well-documented track record in translational research.

Radboudumc is an internationally recognised centre of expertise for small animal imaging and tracer development. There is unlimited access to state-of-the-art GMP radiochemical and small animal imaging facilities (small animal PET/CT + SPECT/CT scanners, 7 and 11 Tesla MRI scanners, optical imaging).

The interdisciplinary team consists of 3 full professors, 2 assistant professors, 3 post-docs, 1 PhD student and 3 technicians.