Umea University (UMU)

Umea Centre for Moleculair Medicine

Umea, Sweden

Lead scientists:

Ulf Ahlgren
Maria Eriksson


Umeå University, Sweden, conducts research and education at five different faculties. The medical faculty harbours 13 departments and 2 research centres with about 500 researchers. Umeå Centre for Molecular Medicine (UCMM) is an interdisciplinary research centre consisting of ten research laboratories with a strong focus on diabetes and obesity research, neural development and cancer. Localized in a tight environment of diverse biomedical and clinical research departments, UCMM harbours state of the art equipment for essentially all fields within the life sciences and offers a stimulating and interdisciplinary research environment.

The Ahlgren group has pioneered the use of the OPT technology and associated protocols for assess-ments of the developing and diseased pancreas. The research lab harbours two Bioptonics 3001 OPT scanners as well as a prototype setup adapted for imaging in the near-infrared/infrared spectrum, state of the art computational imaging resources incl. high performance PCs, advanced imaging software, opti-mized setups for pancreatic specimen preparation and a significant library of pancreatic antibody markers.