Eberhard-Karls University of Tübingen (EKUT)

Department of Pre-clinical Imaging & Radiopharmacy

Tübingen, Germany


Lead scientists

Bernd Pichler
Andreas Schmid


The University Hospital Tübingen, is a leading center for medical science, education and patient care. The Department of Radiology was just recently rated as a German top-institution and certified as nationally and internationally renowned site with a focus on multimodality / translational imaging. The Department of Pre-clinical Imaging & Radiopharmacy focuses on small animal PET / MRI / CT / optical imaging and the combina-tion of PET/MRI for multi-parametric data acquisition. The group has pioneered the development of a pre-clinical + a clinical PET/MRI. From the innovative biomedical research in the fields of oncology, neurology, immunology, infectious disease, cardiology and tracer development, we have published our research in high-ranking journals such as Nature Medicine, Cancer Cell or PNAS. The team consist currently of 1 full professor, 7 post-docs, 15 PhD students, 5 engineers, 6 technicians and 3 admin assistants.

The dpt. is internationally recognised for PET/MRI, small animal imaging (PET, SPECT, 7T MRI, CT, OI) +radiopharmacy (F-18, C-11 and Cu-64; GMP facility). We are a European Training + Reference Laboratory for Siemens Preclinical Imaging. We conduct Small Animal Imaging Workshops since 2004.