SciVis Wissenschaftliche Bildverarbeitung GmbH

Göttingen, Germany

Leading scientists

Gernot Ebel
Uwe Engeland


The Scivis Wissenschaftliche Bildverarbeitung GmbH was founded in 1999 by Dr. Gernot Ebel and Dr. Uwe Engeland, both being shareholders and CEOs. Core products and expertise are commercial programs for iterative reconstruction of SPECT both for human and preclinical applications. From the start in 1999, Scivis has been building up and strengthening its forefront position as a “high tech” SME in the field of nuclear medicine tomography in the European and world wide market. Various patents and patent applications have resulted from its R&D relationships with several institutions.
As of 2011, Scivis has 10 full-time employees and an annual revenue of over 1Mio €.

Any collimation schemes applied in nuclear medicine tomography can be tomographically reconstructed, especially under the conditions of low count statistics, both for human and preclinical studies.